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 "One of the best things I discovered on my artistic journey,  are the women metal sculptural artists I now call friends.  These women inspired me to put together an annual art show called the Women Who Weld to showcase their talents and creative spirits. For me, it is an honor be a part of the Women Who Weld!"

 Melinda is from Omaha, Nebraska. She has a degree in Interior Design and practiced residential design for 18 years. Much of her artwork is inspired by fabric, patterns, architectural elements and color. Her metal sculpture tends to be about line, rhythm, texture and in metal she finds a material of strength. She loves to combine "junk" metal and found objects to create assemblage sculptures that many times incorporate some form of movement.


"When I was young, I was always asking my mother….. what can I do now, what can I make now?"
"The spark that drives that desire has never left me. Whether it is  design challenges, drawing, being a little crafty or working on more serious art pieces, I love anything that requires & inspires creative thought."


 Women Who Weld

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